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2021 Start-ups

TEAM 01_003.jpg


How might we provide easy access to more circular products and services to consumers, so that they reduce the amount of waste they produce?

Team: Abhishek Gupta & Natalia Molina

Location: Melbourne

TEAM 02_004.jpg


How might we enhance the application of marketing skills for newcomer artists so that they can reach the right audience, maximise the potential for their craft, and save time?

Team: Dhira Balaw, Joseph George & Zaineel Kherani

Location: Melbourne

TEAM 05_006.jpg


How might we reimagine social interactions for digital media consumers so that users can bond over content?

Team: Mohammed Imraan, Richard Rodricks & Waseem Ahmed

Location: Melbourne

Team orIDgin


How might we overcome students cheating on exams and assignments so that the integrity of the university can lead to a better student learning experience?

Team: Steven Prastio & Lisa Wijaya

Location: Melbourne & Indonesia

Team Cyrcle
Team Artinstinct
Team OrIDgin
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