Building capability in future entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

What is Fastrack?

Fastrack @ Monash is a 24-week entrepreneurship and innovation program, combining 30 of the top undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from across Monash University to solve real-world challenges. 


In cross-disciplinary teams, students work with leading experts in innovation, entrepreneurship & technology such as Hypershift Systems in Silicon Valley & LUNA, a full service legal and accounting start-up studio in Melbourne.

Teams are supported by a network of industry experts ranging from organisations such as Amazon Web Services, IBM, Xailient, ThinkHQ, Eleanor Ventures, Galileo Ventures, Xero and more. 

Applicants must be enrolled in a Monash course for semester 1 and 2, 2022. 


Candidate Requirements


You are...


You'll need to have...

Passionate about entrepreneurship and building a business that services a real need in the community

A committed team member who values diverse skill sets and experiences

Ready and committed to taking on the serious challenge of building a business


Have 2 x 6 credit point equivalent units free in sequential order semesters (semester 1 and semester 2). This may be in the form of electives, capstone units, specialisation units or professional development for doctoral students

Be able to attend classes physically in Melbourne

For undergraduate students - you must have completed 72 credit points

Key pillars of the program

Program Culture

Just like in a start-up, the culture of our program is integral to both our and your success. We take the selection of participants seriously to ensure the culture of the program aligns with our core values and mission. Successful applicants will be joining a global family of Fastrack graduates that have gone on to have a significant impact on other people’s lives.

Just like in a start-up, the culture of our program is integral to its success. We take the selection of participants seriously to ensure the culture of the program aligns with our core values and mission to ensure that the program culture is psychologically safe, reflective of real industry practices and equipped for Fastrackers to learn at a rapid pace, achieve the objectives that we set and ask for help when they need it. 


Own your start-up journey, guided by a globally experienced delivery team.  Instead of focusing on what size or style your font is in an essay or how well you’ve remembered the quote for your exam, you’ll need to get used to working lean as a team to get things done quickly to validate assumptions, test prototypes, seek feedback and iterate based on that feedback before going back out there to fine-tune and evolve your venture concept into a commercial reality. 


From the moment you walk into the Fastrack room, you’ll hear us talking about falling in love with your customer and being customer-centric before you get anywhere near a product, service or solution. At every step of the program, we engage with our customers and end-users to ensure that we deeply understand their problems and pains. Why? Because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who will be paying you to keep your lights on.


 We are very intentional about the way we build our Fastrack cohort to ensure that the 30 participants who are accepted have a diverse range of experiences, study discipline and level and areas of expertise. 
Therefore, there is an expectation that each participant learns from and looks out for one another to uphold the psychologically safe environment and achieve their full potential collectively as a cohort.


What makes the Fastrack model successful is the content designed and delivered by battle-hardened entrepreneurs, combined with the Fastrack community of founders, innovators and business leaders.
Every single week you will be engaging with new experts across a broad spectrum of industries who are highly invested in your future and the problem that you are trying to solve. Community is integral to the program and indeed the life of an entrepreneur and business owner, so this is deeply embedded into your program experience from day one.