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The crown jewel in our Entrepreneurship Specialisation


The story of Fastrack 4.0 begins at the start of 2020 which marked the launch of Monash Business School's entrepreneurship specialisation with Professor David Gilbert at the helm. We're not sure how they (Monash) convinced Dave to stick around instead of heading to Hawaii for a permanent fixture of surfing and sunshine, but we're sure glad they did.

The specialisation in entrepreneurship comprises six units and 'plugs' into any Master's course at Monash that has the flexibility for all six units, allowing for a diverse range of perspectives and disciplines in the classroom which is where that entrepreneurship and innovative magic happens.


The specialisation focusses on developing entrepreneurial mindsets and building capability around fundamental skills required to be both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial.


To enrol in Fastrack students must first complete four foundational units which are designed and delivered by industry professionals who have experience working in start-ups. These units build the core foundational knowledge around entrepreneurship and creativity, technology and innovation, finance and accounting for start-ups and law for entrepreneurs.

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The foundational pre-requisite units

Entrepreneurship & Creativity

A foundational unit into the world of innovative business ideas, go-to-market strategies and commercial viability of ideas. Delivered by a team from Isobar & IAG.

MBS ENTR_145.jpg

Technology & Innovation

Focussed on the interplay between innovation and cutting-edge technologies to deliver nascent ideas to market. Delivered by Adam Ryan, serial entrepreneur & a founding member of

MBS ENTR_149.jpg

Start-up Finance & Accounting

Doesn't teach you to be an accountant but shows you how to understand the financial life cycle of new ventures. Puts theory into practice using The Venture Capital Game from Stanford University. Delivered by Campbell King from Mi-Fi accounting.

Graduate Study_Technology and Innovation

Law for Entrepreneurs

Explores the world of founders and shareholder agreements, start-up company structures, contract agreements and ways of gaining investment for start-ups. Delivered by Ronen Heine, Founder & CEO at LUNA.

Fastrack, the final step in the specialisation
Delivered in 4 week sprints over the course of one year, the program has been co-designed with our lead partners from Hypershift Systems, Isobar and LUNA. Fastrack is hosted on the Hypershift Systems platform, a data-driven approach to running innovation programs that reliably deliver successful outcomes. Fastrack is a culmination of the above four units where students put their learnings into practice, delivering an end-to-end solution.

Fastrack 1

(March - June)

Sprint 1 - 3

Fastrack 2

(July - October)

Sprint 4 - 6

Delivery mode & structure
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Specialisaton Journey
The specialisation
Fastrack prerequisites
Sprint breakdown
Delivery mode & structre

Meet the

Engine Room

Dave Gilbert.png
Professor David Gilbert
  • LinkedIn

Director of Entrepreneurship

Anna Rysenbry
  • LinkedIn

Community & Communications Manager

Andre Marquis
  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO, Hypershift

Rob Freedman.jpeg
Robert Freedman
  • LinkedIn

VP Products & Delivery at Hypershift Systems

caroline sanz.jpeg
Caroline Sanz
  • LinkedIn

Head of Community Experience, Beyond Blue

Josh Sharma.jpeg
Josh Sharma
  • LinkedIn

Head of Labs & Startups, LUNA

Nikki Tucman
  • LinkedIn

Strategy & Operations Manager

Adam Ryan
  • LinkedIn

Professor of Practice & Serial Entrepreneur

Mark Searle.jpeg
Mark Searle
  • LinkedIn

Entrepreneur, Executive Leader, Innovation Instructor, Keynote Speaker, Contributing Author

jeremy crow.jpeg
Jeremy Crow
  • LinkedIn

Executive Director of Strategic Design, Isobar

ronen heine.jpeg
Ronen Heine
  • LinkedIn

Founder and CEO, LUNA

Our team

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