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Jen Sharpe

Founder & Managing Director, Think HQ

Jen Sharpe is the sole founder and managing director of Think HQ - an inclusive communications agency that only works on projects that lead to positive social impact.  Jen founded her agency in 2010 with $5k equity and has grown the business to a team of 45 people and a turnover of over $12 million.   The business is a full-service agency which incorporates strategy, creative, digital, PR, events and content services.  As at 2019, she also acquired CultureVerse, a multicultural marketing agency and since then has established an internal localisation (translations) team which enables the business to develop creative assets in over 57 different languages.  In 2020, Jen was named B&T Executive Leader of the year and the PRIA Industry Leader of the Year.

Jen advises on

  • Start-ups by someone who has succeeded and failed many times

  • Bootstrapping - how to make the most of not much money

  • Customer validation

  • Pitch creation and delivery

  • Startup team building

  • Marketing and PR strategy

  • How to grow the business

  • Making your way round support services (legal, accounting etc)

  • The emotional impact of starting a business and how to manage your emotional health

For Fastrackers    

Meet with Jen: Face-to-face or virtually

Reach out via: email

  • LinkedIn
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