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Mark Searle

Entrepreneur, Executive Leader, Innovation Instructor, Keynote Speaker, Contributing Author

Mark Searle is an award-winning international serial entrepreneur and instructor. After 20 years of experience as co-founder, CEO or COO of eight different early-stage and growth-stage startups, he is now both Managing Director of the Innovation Acceleration Group, and Lecturer & Industry Fellow at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology in the College of Engineering, University of California at Berkeley.

During his entrepreneurial adventures, Mark has worked across multiple industry segments including enterprise software, information & cybersecurity, big data analytics, consumer-facing internet marketing, online dynamic image hosting & delivery, artisanal food distribution & retail, vertical farming/agro tech, 3D printing / rapid prototyping and more.

Companies under Mark’s leadership have won numerous awards including: “Top European ICT Startup” (Eurecan); “Innovate 100” most innovative startups (Guidewire Group), “Red Herring 100,” “AlwaysOn Global 250,” “Top 10 Companies to Work For” (Inter@ctive Week), and others. He was named a Distinguished Graduate Student Instructor at UC Berkeley and Received the Richard H. Holton Teaching Fellow Award from the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and an AB cum laude from Princeton University.

Mark advises on:

  • Start-up generalist, we challenge you to find something Mark can't advise on!

  • Customer discovery

  • Customer segmentation

  • Value proposition definition

  • Business model design

  • Startup team building

  • Funding strategy

For Fastrackers    

Meet with Mark: Virtually (PST timezone)

When: I can work with the teams to find times to connect live as needed.

Reach out via: Email or Slack

  • LinkedIn
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