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Robert Freedman

VP Products and Delivery, Hypershift Systems

Robert Freedman is responsible for delivery of Hypershift’s platform and services to and has been a founder and executive in a broad range of technology startups. Most recently, he led the hardware team at Accomplio, delivering agile hardware development for IoT products. Before Accomplio, he led the web/apps team at a fast-growing semiconductor firm, and the product and services teams at Certus, RightWorks and other SaaS startups. Robert has also held leadership roles at Method Design, Ernst & Young and Oracle.

Robert advises on:

  • Hardware, manufacturing, and IOT

  • Consulting/services businesses

  • Software development

  • General startup guidance

For Fastrackers    

Meet with Robert: Virtually (PST timezone),

When: Open to what is needed. If something won’t work, we’ll work together to find a different time

Reach out via: email or Slack

  • LinkedIn
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