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Shivy Yohanandan

Co-founder & CTO, Xailient

Dr Shivy Yohanandan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Xailient – the computer vision platform that is revolutionizing Artificial Intelligence by teaching algorithms how to process images and video like humans! He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science but

started his career as a Neuroscientist and Bioengineer from the University of Melbourne.

Passionate about vision, Shivy spent 4 years bringing vision to the blind by helping build Australia’s first bionic eye as a Research Engineer. Then, during his PhD, he made a breakthrough in Neuroscience; discovering for the first time the precise mechanism behind how animals are capable

of processing vast amounts of visual information very efficiently. Realising a significant gap in the inefficient way modern AI processes images and video, he mapped nature’s secret vision formulae into algorithms that now provide the core behind Xailient’s visual AI, which are now being used by companies across the world like Sony.

Previously, Shivy worked as a research scientist for 3 years at IBM Research in AI for healthcare and as an entrepreneur building a CRM tool specifically for the travel industry.

Shivy advises on

  • Technology, specifically machine learning and AI

For Fastrackers    

Meet with Shivy: Monday afternoons, virtually

Reach out via: email

  • LinkedIn
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