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Team 52Hz

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Meet our team!

CHUANJIE SUN is currently taking a master’s degree in Business at Monash  University overseas. He was born in Shandong, China, and finished his bachelor’s degree in International Business at Nanjing Normal University Taizhou college. During this period, he was interested in those well-known entrepreneurial and innovational business stories. After finished the bachelor’s studies, he still felt a lack of deeper understanding of business. Therefore, he decided to search for more possibilities at the Fastrack program at Monash. He hopes he can figure out the secrets behind those companies which grown from a startup to a long-lasting business.

HENGRUI ZHANG is an entrepreneurship student at Monash business school. Born in Harbin, Northeast China. He completed his undergraduate major in Handicraft Design at Harbin Normal University. He has a lot of experience in art design. In the entrepreneurship course, he learned a lot about innovation and technology. Entrepreneurship course is a course that can help start-up business to survive successfully. Therefore, this course is a course worth learning and applying to reality. Hengrui Zhang is currently studying the Fastrack Program and hopes to get advices and learnings from entrepreneurs in this project.

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