Team orIDgin

Team OrIDgin is very passionate about making changes to the world, especially in the education industry. We are keen to bring positive impacts to the industry and disrupt the way this industry works. 

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Meet our team!

LISA FLORENTINE WIJAYA is an entrepreneurship student at Monash Business School. Born in a tiny tropical island, Bali Indonesia. She holds a degree in Management and International Business that she completed at Royal Holloway, University of London. Has practical experiences in accounting, finance, human resource management and purchasing strategy. She has experienced living in Singapore for three years and is now looking at Melbourne for her next living destination. Looking at the world with different spectacles made her open her eyes into variety of prespectives, cultures and opportunities. She is always a believer of learning by doing. An enthusiastic opportunity seeker that pin points on her self-development. As a young kid, she has always been passionate about starting her own startup. Lisa is on her way to catching her dreams and is now in the Fastrack Program to start her lifetime endeavor at Monash Business School.


STEVEN PRASTIO was born in a city located in Central Java Province in Indonesia called Solo. Steven earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta in Indonesia. He is currently residing in Australia for his master’s degree study with the interest of meeting new people from various places all around the world with the purpose of broadening his point of view. Steven is always passionate about what he is doing, and he is willing to learn new things because developing new skillsets will benefit him in the future. He has the dream of starting his own business, hopefully in the near future, that is the reason why he is currently taking the Fastrack Program at Monash University.

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