Watching sports with friends is about to change.


We’re proud to introduce STADY a virtual stadium that enables you to interact with friends and family when watching your favourite sport.


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Watch our Prototype Showcase presentation for a demonstration of our product.

Meet the team behind STADY

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MOHAMED IMRAAN is a business student from Monash.  Born in India, brought up in the Middle East, and currently living in Australia, Imraan has had a diverse exposure to different cultures. He holds an undergraduate degree in IT and has had his toes dipped in the fields of sales, digital marketing and marketing research. Having worked for different startups throughout his career, he enjoys navigating unstructured problems. He is also passionate about theatre and acting. When he isn't working, you can catch him either baking desserts or doing a movie marathon. He is onto his next unstructured adventure with the Stady team.


RICHARD RODRICKS was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He has earned the Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce degree from St. Andrews College of Arts, Science, and Commerce and is currently pursuing the Master of Global Business degree at Monash University. Before this, he has four years of work experience at a boutique branding and design agency across roles in operations, business development and client servicing and also dabbled in the creative side of things by way of social media, content writing and video editing. His past experiences enabled him to explore different avenues and roles in the business, which has motivated him to pursue the Fastrack program as part of the entrepreneurship specialization. He has always been an eager learner and his strong work ethic coupled with his willingness to get his hands dirty in both his work and projects has won him several awards and accolades for his concepts and pitches.

WASEEM AHMED, a fun-loving and light-hearted person, was born in Vizag, a Jewel of the East Coast, India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Majoring in Electronics and Communications from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India. From early childhood he has been passionate about exploring new ways and knowing why for every phenomenon that exists (he is still asks a lot of why). He worked in Corporate world for 16 months as a DevOps, helping people automate their tedious process of deploying their applications. A fun job when you help others by reducing their workload. He was exposed to the business world during his stint at the company he worked in and that ignited the idea of pursuing a master’s degree. He is currently residing in Melbourne pursuing Master of Business (Entrepreneurship) - his new-found Interest coupled with his passion of being an Entrepreneur – and meeting new people, learning new culture and exploring new destinations. He dreams of founding a new Facebook, Google, Amazon or Netflix (disrupting the business market) and to help him realise his dream, he has joined the Fastrack, the crown jewel of the entrepreneurship specialisation.